Milan Antonić

I craft premium Web Themes and Web Apps. Front-End developer, JavaScript lover. Writing efficient and clean code is my passion. I believe in minimalism.

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About Me

I’m Milan Antonic, a young freelance front-end developer, currently located in Bosnia. I started my career as a front-end developer on 2013. I simply enjoy exploring and making things on the web. I learn very quickly. I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, jQuery, Ajax. For the design, Photoshop is my first option.

Till my beginnings as a front-end, I worked as a freelancer. I create and sell digital goods. You can check my profiles on WrapBootstrap or Creative Market. If you want to see my latest works go to UpWork profile. Otherways you can contact me by scrolling down to the contact form.

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If you want to contact me, it's not a problem to just say hello. Please use English, Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian language.

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antonic.milan94 {at}